Artist’s Statement

After graduating in 1990 from the Academy of Fine Arts I have worked as a fine art printmaker and teacher. Both professions work in harmony with each other and bring new thoughts, ideas and oppurtunities to fulfil them. I was lucky enough to be chosen to study art at very young age and my working methods as an artist are as natural as breathing to me. I think and work with a scribe or an engraver`s point in my hands.

My works are a mixture of different pictorial themes, from both varying historical perspectives and popular cultural genres. My chosen works include pictorial themes from both free time and entertainment that are as timeless as classical art and touch us all. The pictures have been inspired by my own hobbies and preferences. On a general level the works represent as an attack on Finnish collective knowledge. Serious themes such as loss, memories and longing are also explored.

I make large scale multi-coloured prints using a variety of techniques to achieve my desired expression and signature works. The most interesting idea for me in printmaking in the chance to create new worlds of expression by repeating and/or combining plates. My collage-style working method of creating prints, collaborates in complete harmony with my chosen tools.

As well as working as an artist I also teach at various art schools and hobby groups. I have distanced myself from the usage of dangerous methods that are hazardous to the health and promote the use and development of acrylic based metal prinmaking techniques. In conjunction with my artistic work I feel that the improvement of artist`s health and safety is an important issue for me and actively work to promote this in Finland.

Teija Immonen